Compare Versions Features: Lite edition vs Full edition

LITE v2.0 FULL 2023
Importation of documents
 MS Word, RTF, Plain txt, HTML
 Excel, MS Access, tab-delimited
 Image files (bmp, jpg, png, emf)
 Web Survey Platform
 Reference Management Tools
 Email sources
 Social media
 Monitoring of social media
 Importation from ODBC databases
 Importation of Powerpoint
 Nvivo to QDA Miner conversion tool
 Extraction of JPEG Metadata
 Importation from Factiva and LexisNexis


 Export tables to text, MS Word, Excel, CSV, TAB, SPSS, Stata, XML, or HTML
 Export charts to image files (PNG, BMP, JPG, WMF)
 Export project to XLS, XML, dBase, etc.
 Export code statistics to Excel, SPSS, CSV, TAB delimited or XML
 Export coded segments to a new project
 Export documents (all at once) to RTF or plain text files
 Export to Tableau Software

Project Management

 Backup and restore
 Command log
 Report manager

Case Management

 Add and delete cases
 Append documents / Images
 Filter cases
 Case description and grouping
 Append cases from data file
 Duplicate cases identification
 Image rotation and resizing

Variable Management

 Add variables
 Delete variables
 Reorder variables
 Transform variables’ type
 Recode variables
 Variable statistics and charting
 Append from a data file (other projects, XLS or SPSS files)
 Transform coding into variables
 Numerical Transformation
 Date Transformation

Codebook Management

 Add, delete, edit & merge codes
 Sort codebook
 Print codebook
 Split codes
 Hide codemarks
 Virtual grouping of codes
 Combine codes (creating compound codes)
 Import codebooks from other projects


 Assign codes to text segments or images
 Attach memos (or comments)
 Resize codes
 Search and replace codings
 Consolidate codings
 Coding overview
 Charting of document coding
 Import & export single documents
 Edit coded documents
 Highlight, hide or mask coded text
 Spell check documents
 Grid View Mode

Search & Retrieval Functions

 Text retrieval with Boolean operators
 Coding retrieval with boolean & proximity operators
 List comments
 Section retrieval (for coding structured documents)
 Keyword retrieval
 Query-by-Example search
 Cluster retrieval and coding
 Code similarity retrieval
 Date and location extraction
 Link retrieval (geographic locations, dates, hyperlinks)

Analysis Features

 Coding frequency and charting features
 Tree grid display
 Coding by variables (heatmap, correspondence analysis, correlation, chi-square, Deviation Table)
 Code cooccurrence analysis (clustering, multidimensional scaling, proximity plots, Silhouette Plot)
 Code sequence analysis
 Quotation Matrices
 Word Frequency Analysis and Word Cloud
 Run Wordstat (content analysis & text mining module)
 Run SimStat (statistical analysis)

Teamwork features

 Multi-users accounts
 Merge projects
 Send project by Email
 Inter-coders agreement analysis

Charting & Reporting Features

 Bar charts
 Pie charts
 Tag clouds
 2D and 3D Concept Maps (multidimensional scaling)
 Dendrograms (hierarchical clustering)
 Proximity plots
 Bubble charts
 Interactive plot of data points, distribution maps
 Correspondence analysis plots
 Geographic maps (Google Earth, ArcGIS)

Miscellaneous features

 Automatic document classification
 Automatic scheduled backup