Import news and comments from Reddit with QDA Miner 5

What would Snoo do? That could be an Ask Me Anything question on Reddit. Snoo is the Reddit mascot and Ask Me Anything is one of the site’s features where Redditors ask celebrities and others….well anything! Reddit is a social media site with more than 200 million users a months. It bills itself as, The Front Page of the Internet, because the content is generated and voted up and down by the users. Some of them are very dedicated people. One of the main features of Reddit is the comments Redditors make about different subjects. For example, Reddit...

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How dinosaurs shrank and became computers?! A brief history of computer storage devices!

I can’t take any more photos, there is no space left on my smart phone! My Windows is running so slow, I must free up some space! I’m quite sure you have experienced these desperate situations. From the first days of the computer, infinite storage capacity was one of the goals. Needproof, Okay! ENIACwas the first electronic computer. It weighed more than 24,000 kilograms and took up about 167 square meters! Can you imagine how much data you could keep in it? Almost nothing!! ENIAC had no internal storage and punch cards were used to keep the data as...

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Exploring Naïve Bayes classifier: Maybe not so naïve after all?!

Although relatively simple, Naïve Bayes (NB) is one of the powerful machine learning techniques. It’s not only simple but fast and accurate and has been used in various applications and domains. So, it’s a reliable friend that you can trust on rainy days! In this post, we will see how it works. Who is NB’s daddy!? You can trace NB’s roots back to probability theory and the Bayes theorem. Don’t worry if you don’t know them, we will explore them a bit later. The nature of NB is probabilistic as it deals with probabilities and degrees of certainty or...

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What is K-Nearest Neighbors?!

In our previous post on machine learning, we explained that there are supervised and unsupervised beasts lurking in machine learning land! One of the simplest machine learning techniques is the K-nearest neighbors (KNN). In this post, we will briefly review the way KNN works. We’ve all heard of lazy guys! With technology being more accessible and easier to use, it’s even easier to get lazy! What to do if you are on the couch and the remote is on the other side of the room?  Just relax, download an app to change the TV channel right from your...

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Do not fear, I am with you to beat the Topic Modeling monster!

  As more data becomes available, it gets harder to find and discover what to look for! As we discussed in our previous post topic modeling is a powerful unsupervised machine learning technique to discover hidden themes in a collection of documents. Topic modeling has achieved popularity in different disciplines because it offers several meaningful advantages for different applications. These include document clustering or classification, information retrieval, summarization, and of course topic identification. In a series of posts, we will review...

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Lowering the OOOM Impact with Text Analytics by John Ford

John Ford is a public sector Research Psychologist who has authored numerous reports and articles about assessment, training, and other personnel management issues. He wrote this guest blog about a recent challenge of how to deal more efficiently with out of office messages with respect to tabulating the survey response rate. In this blog he describes the techniques he used. The process may help you in your research or perhaps spark some ideas about how to solve similar issues.  If you have a technique, experience, revelation to share in a blog, we...

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