Text Analytics is the process of discovering information from unstructured text (written and verbal) through the identification of trends, topics and patterns in text documents.  Text analytics software provides you with tools to perform these tasks with the speed and power of modern computing. Why should you use it? The short answer is because it can be game changer. You will make smarter and better informed business decisions. You will find new insights into your research.  Today, more than ever before, there is a wealth of text-based information...

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Creating value from customer comments using text analytics

The advent of social media, online surveys, feedback forms and other electronic records means that we can now quickly collect massive amounts of customer experience data. The challenge for businesses is that the responses, comments and other feedback are usually in the form of unstructured text (emails, texts, tweets, Facebook comments, reviews and so on). A 2013 study by Krikorian estimated that worldwide there are more than 500 million tweets per day, while according to Facebook 1.18 billion people were active on Facebook every day in September 2016....

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Provalis Trainers: Responding to your needs

  One of the things users of QDA Miner, WordStat and Simstat have been asking for is more access to training. In response to these requests we have just launched a Trainer page on our website. The trainer page is the beginning of what we expect will be an extensive group of trainers across the globe. The concept behind the new Trainer module is pretty straightforward. You can see from the profile the trainer’s level of expertise, experience, languages and location. You  contact the trainer directly and discuss with him or her, the type of training...

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Use Text Analytics to be a Leader in Human Resources Management

Your employees are your greatest resource, use them I always found it odd that, in my experience, one of the most conservative departments in most companies is the human resources department.  I found it odd because this should be the department with its finger on the pulse of the company and its employees. And especially odd since when HR was dealing with new generations of employees every day why did so many of their programs, practices and tools seem tied to the past? Ok, I understand tried and true and if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it, but...

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What’s new in QDA Miner Lite 2.0 ?

What’s new in QDA Miner Lite 2.0 ? QDA Miner Lite 2.0 is full of exciting new features and improvements. This free and easy to use qualitative analysis software includes several of the new features that were added to the recently released QDA Miner 5. QDA Miner Lite 2.0 is faster and includes new functions such as a Document Overview, Tree-Grid Display, Image Rotation and Resizing, importation of PowerPoint and a conversion tool that allows one to seamlessly convert NVivo files into QDA Miner Lite. Here are some of the new functionalities that will...

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The Power of Words: Content Analysis for Political Science

Words matter in political science. Politics, political theory and political change are often expressed through the spoken and written word and political science is influenced by many other disciplines including: economics, history, law, sociology, philosophy and psychology. Political analysis involves researching news articles, magazines, advertisements, speeches, press releases, social media and much more. The volume of available text has exploded in the digital age. This explosion is partly due to the rapid move to store and distribute documents in...

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