A text analysis approach to analyse nostalgia in social media

Nostalgia, some people see it as a warm fuzzy feeling or a state of mind but it is a complex psychological construct that can be triggered in various ways such as revisiting your childhood neighborhood or looking at gifts reminding you of loved ones. Like many feelings, it’s double-sided! If you become too drawn to it, it may stop you from looking forward and experiencing new things in the world. This is nostalgia overload or the curse of nostalgia! In the digital era, it is easier than ever to reunite with old friends. You can take a virtual tour of a...

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Drafting NHL Players with the Help of Text Analytics

  Text analytics and QDA Miner and WordStat software have many uses in many, many fields. In this blog we are posting a paper that combines the text analysis of scouting reports on potential National Hockey League players and performance metrics. This is used to create to a methodology to find the best players available by predicting future performance. In their analysis the authors used WordStat text mining software:  Text Mining of Scouting Reports as a Novel Data Source for Improving NHL Draft...

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What is Topic Modeling?

  A very basic introduction to Topic Modelling   In this post, we will walk you through the concept of topic modelling. Let’s say I have found your diary (yeah, I know all the great hiding spots!) and I have only two minutes to understand your innermost secrets! How about reading it from the scratch? In two minutes? Nah, not possible! But I have a text mining robo-buddy who can process and analyze the whole diary in less than two minutes and through topic modeling, extract all much of the information out of it. Text mining techniques can...

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Provalis Research/Infostats Analysis of Speeches in the French Presidential Election Campaign

  This report is a summary of an analysis of the speeches of the five principal candidates in the French Presidential election campaign and it has a particular focus on the speeches of Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron.   Methodology We analyzed a total of 154 speeches given by five principal candidates in the French Presidential Election between January 20, 2016 and April 23, 2017. The speeches broke down this way; Benoit Hamon (20 speeches), Emmanuel Macron (35 speeches), Marine Le Pen (28 speeches) Jean-Luc Melanchon (26 speeches), and...

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Présidentielle 2017 – Analyse Provalis Research / Infostats

Ce texte présente les résultats sommaires d’une analyse de discours des cinq plus importants candidats à la présidentielle française, en se centrant sur les particularités des discours de Marine Le Pen et Emmanuel Macron.   MÉTHODOLOGIE Nous avons analysé à l’aide du logiciel d’analyse sémantique WordStat 154 discours prononcés entre le 20 janvier 2016 et le 23 avril 2017 des cinq principaux candidats de la présidentielle française, soit les discours de Hamon (20 discours), Macron (35 discours), Le Pen (28 discours), Mélenchon (26 discours) et...

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What is Machine Learning?

Machine learning is a very hot buzzword these days that mostly crops up when you read about Artificial Intelligence and Data Mining. At the first glance it may sound complicated and scary! You don’t have to look farther than the top Internet search hits you receive which will most likely direct you to bunch of articles full of hardcore math equations. But, what is this monster all about? Machine learning is a sub-field of artificial intelligence in computer science and basically works around the idea of giving a computer tons of data, lock the door,...

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