Do not fear, I am with you to beat the Topic Modeling monster!

  As more data becomes available, it gets harder to find and discover what to look for! As we discussed in our previous post topic modeling is a powerful unsupervised machine learning technique to discover hidden themes in a collection of documents. Topic modeling has achieved popularity in different disciplines because it offers several meaningful advantages for different applications. These include document clustering or classification, information retrieval, summarization, and of course topic identification. In a series of posts, we will review...

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Lowering the OOOM Impact with Text Analytics by John Ford

John Ford is a public sector Research Psychologist who has authored numerous reports and articles about assessment, training, and other personnel management issues. He wrote this guest blog about a recent challenge of how to deal more efficiently with out of office messages with respect to tabulating the survey response rate. In this blog he describes the techniques he used. The process may help you in your research or perhaps spark some ideas about how to solve similar issues.  If you have a technique, experience, revelation to share in a blog, we...

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Exploring the robo-witch: Is machine learning magic?

Throughout history we have been interested in seeing the future, either in the form of checking the arrival time of the prince on a white horse or predicting stock prices to get rich! What caused this curse?! It’s probably part of human nature but we can also trace fortune-telling back to the advent of astrology, tarot and numerology. I knew it, physicists! If we are looking for educated villains, they are the culprits!!! Now, getting back to the modern era, we know that there are nice tools and methods out there that allow us to be able to make...

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Understanding World Politics through a Systematic Understanding of its Language

Using quantitative content analysis to see beyond the veil by Peter Jacques, Professor in Global Environmental Politics, Sustainability at University of Central Florida. Our Purpose Shocker—politics is animated by people and institutions that are not always honest or forthright about their intentions.  Sometimes people hide their motives, and sometimes even the formal institutions (rules and decision-making procedures) are not always made to protect or create the things they say they are meant to protect or create. As a political scientist trained in...

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Analyzing Open Ended-Questions, A Conversation with an Expert

Qualitative data analysis,  text mining tools and techniques are used by people in many disciplines around the world (market research, human resources, political science, sociology, communications, risk assessment, supply chain management  etc) To give you an insight into some of the processes and techniques we are asking different experts, who use our software and other tools, to provide some perspective as to how they approach their analysis. A short conversation with Dr. Elf Kus Saillard about how to analyze open-ended questions, interviews, and...

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Diving into Machine Learning!

Many believe robotics is on the cusp of becoming the next technological revolution and that we should expect a significant impact from “intelligent” robots in the near future. Even today, we can see robots and intelligent systems working here and there in different domains. But, robotics is only one application of machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI). Clearly, machine learning is serious business!  In this post, we review some machine learning techniques at a very abstract level. In a sense, the stone base of computer software is the...

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